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Customer Favorites


“You can’t eat just one slice. My favorite is the Classic Vanilla pound cake topped with a bunch of fresh strawberries.”  – Ray (Logan, UT)


Angel Flake Coconut
“I ordered the Deep Chocolate Chunk, the Cinnamon Swirl and the Lemon-Glazed pound cakes for an event I was hosting. They were incredible! My personal favorite is the Lemon-Glazed. My family loved the Cinnamon Swirl for breakfast. I will definitely order again.”  -Kathi K. (Logan, UT)
“I love the pound cakes Dorothy has created at The Stonehouse Bakery. I particularly like the Lemon-Glazed pound cake. It is moist and flavorful and a delight to my taste buds! I absolutely recommend The Stonehouse Bakery to my friends who are looking for a delicious, satisfying treat.”  -Lisa K. (Logan, UT)
“I never knew I loved pound cake until I tasted a slice from The Stonehouse Bakery. Lemony flavor, velvety texture — I’d like another, and another, and another…”  -Jan D. (Washington, DC)

Wonderful customer service. I ordered the Chocolate Truffle Pound Cake for my friend’s anniversary. It arrived promptly even though it was near a holiday. They gave rave reviews of how totally awesome it was. I was told it was beautifully wrapped and tasted divine. I will definitely order again. Do not hesitate to purchase a yummy treat, your taste buds will thank you!! -Penny Miles (Beaverton, Oregon)


Classic Vanilla Pound Cake and Bread Board
“We received one of The Stonehouse Bakery’s delicious pound cakes in the mail. The cake was incredibly moist, just as though it was fresh from the oven, and it had an amazing sweet, tangy lemon flavor. You can tell Dorothy uses fresh lemon zest and lemon juice in the cake. It’s the perfect dessert to share with friends.”  -Meridene and Eric Lindsey (Kamas, UT)
“The Lemon-Glazed pound cake is delicious! I had a couple of slices left after a party and they froze beautifully. I can’t wait to send Stonehouse Bakery pound cakes to my friends and family for Christmas.”  -Judy Macy (Pleasant Grove, UT)


Hazelnut Ganache
“That’s not pound cake… It’s heaven!”  -Melanie K. (Culver City, CA)
“You know how you eat a tomato from the grocery store and think that it’s ok. Then you try a tomato picked fresh from the garden and you realize what you have been missing. I have tried different pound cakes over the years and I have tasted some good ones. Then I tried a slice of Dorothy’s pound cake and knew that I had finally found the best. The hard part is deciding which flavor I want to order this month!”  – Tracy C. (Logan, UT)


“I have tried several other brands and nothing comes close to the amazing pound cakes at The Stonehouse Bakery. So moist and delicious!”  -Shandy Carter (Logan, UT)
“The pound cakes you buy from The Stonehouse Bakery are not your ordinary pound cakes. The flavor is exceptional (fresh, whole ingredients are evident) and the texture is dense but light (that melt in your mouth quality). I particularly enjoy the Deep Chocolate Chunk and the Lemon-Glazed cakes. I would happily serve them at any occasion with satisfaction and confidence. They’re really that good!”  -Jeannine Salisbury (Logan, UT)
“The most wonderful soft, velvety texture — it’s almost creamy.”  -Helen B. (Los Angeles, CA)
“This doesn’t tast like anything you get in a grocery store. The pound cakes at The Stonehouse Bakery are richer, fresher and altogether fantastic!”  -Marney DeVroom (Sandy, UT)
“I love this pound cake!”  -Madeleine R. (West Hollywood, CA)